“Till” millimeter-wave radar power supply, “decrypt” high-performance power supply code

[Guide]Speaking of the hottest topic in the automotive field, it must be autonomous driving. At this stage, most of the commercial-level automatic driving are still at the L2/L3 level. If you want to achieve a higher level of automatic driving, you still lack a pair of bright “eyes.” In recent years, automotive radar technology is gaining momentum. With precise perception, the “brain” of automobiles can be fully activated to make smarter judgments and decisions.

“Till” millimeter-wave radar power supply, “decrypt” high-performance power supply code

Millimeter wave radar is undoubtedly the dark horse with the most potential in automotive radar.

It works at 77GHz, with strong anti-interference ability, high accuracy, small size, and with flexible algorithms, it can be used in various scenarios such as long-distance, short-distance, and 360° surround view. Its performance is more sensitive than ultrasonic radar, and its cost More close to the people than lidar, it has become the most popular product in the automotive radar market.

“Till” millimeter-wave radar power supply, “decrypt” high-performance power supply code

The rising penetration rate of autonomous driving and the rigid demand for automotive radar by autonomous driving have injected new vitality into the automotive radar market. It can be predicted that vehicle-mounted millimeter-wave radar technology will develop more vigorously.

How can we maximize the powerful performance of millimeter wave radar?

That’s right, that’s the power supply!

A stable, reliable, and high-performance power supply solution is a strong support for millimeter-wave radar to achieve its powerful detection performance.

As a semiconductor manufacturer specializing in providing power solutions, MPS has contributed to the development of millimeter wave radar!

Detailed case

MPS cooperated with Cattland to provide a discrete power supply solution for its Alps series of 77/79GHz millimeter wave radars, as shown in the figure below:

“Till” millimeter-wave radar power supply, “decrypt” high-performance power supply code

The front stage is an AEC-Q100 certified, car-grade synchronous Buck chip with a continuous input range of 4V-30V-MPQ4420A-AEC1.


● It can support a transient input voltage of up to 36V to meet the situation of a sudden increase in battery voltage caused by other on-board functions of the car battery.

● When the car is cold-started, the battery voltage is too low, and the duty cycle of up to 95% can ensure its stable output.

● The size of MPQ4420A-AEC1 is 3 x 3mm (TSOT23-8). The ultra-small package size not only saves board space, but also can continuously output 2A current. The conversion efficiency of its 12V input and 5V output is as high as 95%.

● MPQ4420A-AEC1 adopts peak current control mode, fast loop response, excellent dynamic performance and load regulation as low as ±0.2% to provide a strong guarantee for the downstream circuit and power supply reliability.

● At the same time, MPQ4420A-AEC1 also has input under-voltage, output over-current and over-temperature protection, which adds another insurance to the entire millimeter-wave radar system.

“Till” millimeter-wave radar power supply, “decrypt” high-performance power supply code

The latter stage is also the AEC-Q100 certified car-level synchronous Buck chip-MPQ2166A-AEC1 and MPQ2171-AEC1.


● MPQ2166A-AEC1 is a single-input, dual-output synchronous Buck chip. Its input voltage range is 2.7-6V, and its output supports a maximum of 100% duty cycle. It can supply power for both 1V1 and 1V5 channels of millimeter wave radar at the same time.

● MPQ2166A-AEC1 chip size is 2.5 x 3.5mm (QFN-18), the two output voltages are 180 degrees out of phase, which can reduce the ripple of the input voltage, thereby reducing the number of input capacitors.

● The current of the two outputs can be flexibly configured as 2A/2A or 3A/1A according to actual needs. The operating frequency can be selected through an external resistor. The maximum switching frequency can be as high as 3MHz. The ultra-high switching frequency can use smaller power Inductance, thereby reducing the overall layout area.

● The light load working mode supports AAM and FCCM, and the peak conversion efficiency is greater than 90%. As we all know, the automotive platform not only requires high conversion efficiency of the power chip, but also has great requirements for the static power consumption of the power chip. The MPQ2166A-AEC1 has a quiescent current of 65uA and ultra-low static power consumption, which is favored by manufacturers. It also adopts peak current control and excellent dynamic performance, which contributes to the stable operation of millimeter wave radar.

● MPQ2166A-AEC1 has over-current, over-temperature and short-circuit protection functions, adding a force to the reliability of the entire millimeter-wave radar system.

“Till” millimeter-wave radar power supply, “decrypt” high-performance power supply code


● The input voltage range of MPQ2171-AEC1 is 2.5-5.5V, the output also supports 100% duty cycle, and it supplies power for the 3V3 channel of millimeter wave radar.

● Its size is 3 x 3mm (TSOT23-8), output current is 1A, switching frequency is 2.6MHz, peak conversion efficiency is greater than 90%, COT control method is adopted, loop response is fast, and dynamic performance is good.

● MPQ2171-AEC1 also supports over current, over temperature and short circuit protection.

“Till” millimeter-wave radar power supply, “decrypt” high-performance power supply code

Relying on its own technological accumulation, MPS is continuously innovating and shining in the field of ADAS, creating more value for customers, and is a trustworthy power partner.

Source: MPS Core Source System

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