NavInfo Meng Qingxin: Controllable, readable, and traceable of the source of autonomous driving data are key factors

The automobile industry involves many fields such as national economy, equipment manufacturing, finance, transportation, production and life. Automobile data processing capabilities are increasing day by day, and the scale of data is huge. Especially when it enters the stage of practice and mass production of intelligent networked cars, in addition to the traditional automobile industry In addition to the value of hardware, the value of software, including data, is rising to an increasingly important position.

But with these complex functions and incremental value comes the gradual exposure of automotive data security issues and the increasing prominence of hidden risks. In this regard, Meng Qingxin believes that the controllable, readable, and traceable source of autonomous driving data is one of the key factors, especially when it comes to geographic information security.

In a conventional sense, car data can be divided into three categories: body state data, vehicle registration data, and sensory data. Among them, the body state data can determine the weather, traffic jams and other information based on whether the wiper is turned on, whether the brakes are frequently braked; the vehicle registration data is equivalent to the vehicle’s “ID card”, which defines the ownership of the vehicle; the vehicle sensor data is provided by the camera , Sensors, etc., this information is likely to involve the national geographic information security, the government needs to supervise. In recent years, the country has attached great importance to the security of automobile data information. In 2021, the relevant administrative departments of our country have successively issued many relevant laws, regulations and management regulations.

It can be said that the map is an important carrier to keep the data torrent running in the future. As the first domestic company to deploy map data services and autonomous driving, NavInfo has carried out long-term data compliance collection, data storage management, information desensitization, data encryption, compliance environment construction, and compliance system operation and maintenance feasibility verification And practice, precipitated a professional tool chain, accumulated a wealth of experience, and has been contributing to data and network security in the automotive field for many years.

Meng Qingxin also stated that NavInfo is also actively participating in national top-level planning and standard formulation with multiple national ministries and related departments, and has undertaken a number of national-level projects and key special pilot applications in related fields to ensure data security and Exploring technological innovations on the basis of network security, researching in various aspects such as autonomous driving map applications and car cloud secure transmission to promote the implementation of related solutions, and online updates of high-precision maps based on domestic passwords, and construction of enterprise-level map data based on domestic password algorithms A solid accumulation has been accumulated in the fields of cryptographic platforms, commercial encryption upgrades and transformations of the software and hardware systems of autonomous driving.

Based on its own project operation and maintenance management experience and data security compliance program capabilities, NavInfo has reached cooperation with customers from BMW, Daimler, Volvo and other automakers to develop, test and verify the functions of their intelligent networked vehicles, and mass-produce them. Escorting the entire life cycle on the road, looking forward to the future, Meng Qingxin hopes that NavInfo’s map service can become an important carrier for maintaining the torrent of smart car data in the future. Under the premise of exceeding national regulatory requirements, it will provide car companies with a car terminal + data cloud platform. Wait for a complete set of data security compliance solutions to help car companies to mine the true safety and compliance, create data value, and win the era of intelligent driving.

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