Hexagon NCSIMUL allows composite machining centers to save more material

Composite materials are gaining more and more recognition in the aerospace industry. CTRM, a company based in Malaysia, is a global leader in the composite materials and aerospace industry. It is part of the global supply chain of composite aircraft structures and supplies products to major commercial and military aircraft manufacturers around the world.

  Hexagon NCSIMUL allows composite machining centers to save more material

In addition to manufacturing composite aircraft structures, CTRM also provides engineering design services, composite component assembly, composite research and development, automotive composite structures and defense equipment, including tactical drones.

Facing the challenge: a large amount of waste generated by machine tool processing and debugging

CTRM started the production of new composite parts on a newly implemented 5-axis gantry machine. Usually, due to improper cutting tools and procedures or insufficient tool length, large machine tools, components and complex processes will cause many manufacturing problems, such as inaccurate hole positions, excessive edge cuts, and collisions.

  Hexagon NCSIMUL allows composite machining centers to save more material

These problems can bring extremely high online debugging costs, require a lot of settings, and may also produce a large number of scrapped parts.

NC programs and cycles that use the physical characteristics of the machine tool (such as linear motors, automatic tool changers, automatic dust collector accessory replacement devices, multi-axis simultaneous work, automatic laser tool offset measurement, workpiece detection, special design drilling tools, etc.) need to be in Carry out sufficient verification and simulation before sending the final program to the actual machine tool.

CTRM is committed to finding comprehensive machining simulation software to develop, optimize and run machining programs for NC machine tools. Because of its high-speed G-Code Simulation, user-friendly interface and the ability to decode and simulate all programs, subroutines and complex macros of any CTRM NC Machines, Hexagon’s NCSIMUL MACHINE was finally selected.

Achieved results: 99% reduction in air cuts

From the beginning, the advantages of using Virtual Machine in the NCSIMUL MACHINE environment were very obvious. The debugging and verification process is transferred from the real machine to the virtual machine on the programmer’s computer.


CTRM found the following advantages:

-Offline development program for new projects, complex shapes and improvement activities.

-Improved efficiency through performance. With the help of NCSIMUL, they reduced the air cut by 99%, reducing the risk of collision and other problems during the machining process. All program verifications for existing machine tools and all future machine tools are completed offline, and the machine tools only need to be used for production.

-Detect errors and mistakes in the NC program that cause collisions between the spindle head, tool holder and work fixture.

-The best CNC machine operation.

-NCSIMUL MACHINE has strong technical services and support provided by local suppliers (located in Kuala Lumpur and Penang) in Malaysia.

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