Shandong Unicom completes full 5G network coverage of Lunan high-speed rail

People’s Daily Online, Jinan, December 26. On December 26, the entire Lunan (Jilan) high-speed rail line was put into operation, achieving full 5G coverage simultaneously. This is the third national line after Jingzhang and Jingxiong (the first in Shandong Province). ) The inter-provincial high-speed rail line that achieves full coverage of the 5G network has enabled Shandong to enter the 5G high-speed rail era.

Shandong Unicom completes full 5G network coverage of Lunan high-speed rail

Shandong Unicom’s Lunan (Jilan) high-speed rail is based on advanced SA networking architecture, adopts domestic leading high-power multi-mode broadband equipment to achieve full 5G/4G full coverage, and adopts SDR function, cell merging function, and multi-port high gain Technologies such as antennas minimize the number of base stations while satisfying user perception, and build a high-quality, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and green 5G high-speed rail coverage network. At the same time, 15 high-speed rail stations along the line will adopt a new digital indoor distribution system for 5G/4G seamless coverage, and indoor and outdoor collaboration will build a 5G three-dimensional coverage network along the high-speed rail line.

According to on-site tests, the quality of the high-speed rail 5G network is stable throughout, and the high-definition video and voice communication services are smooth. The measured average downlink rate of the station reaches 925Mbps, the downlink peak rate exceeds 1Gbps, the uplink average rate reaches 278Mbps, and the uplink peak rate exceeds 300Mbps. With the upcoming deployment of 5G ultra-large bandwidth, the speed will be doubled, and it will be able to provide users with a faster and better 5G speed experience.

Shandong Unicom is working hard to create a 5G boutique network with effective coverage, excellent experience, first-class capabilities, and excellent performance. The full coverage of Lunan (Jilan) high-speed rail marks the first time that the high-speed rail in the province has realized the “basic connection” to “all things intelligent connection”. New advancement.

In the next step, Shandong Unicom will give full play to the role of the national team for digital information infrastructure operations and services, the main force in the construction of digital China’s smart society as a network power, and the pioneer of digital technology integration and innovation, and actively explore the implementation of 5G smart application scenarios such as high-speed rail logistics, security, and smart dispatch. , Bring a new experience for railway passengers, and bring better support services for the high-speed rail and related industries along the high-speed rail in the province.

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