Semtech and Alibaba Cloud develop LoRa-based trackers to prevent asset loss and theft

Camarillo, California, September 18, 2019-Semtech (NASDAQ: SMTC), a leading supplier of high-performance analog and mixed-signal semiconductor products and advanced algorithms, announced: the world’s third largest public cloud service The provider and the leading cloud service provider in the Chinese market, Alibaba Cloud, recently launched a new Internet of Things (IoT) location tracker based on Semtech’s LoRa device and LoRaWAN protocol.

“LoRaWAN’s excellent network connection capabilities can provide flexible positioning and tracking solutions for increasingly prosperous applications in China and foreign markets,” said Ku Wei, vice president of Alibaba and general manager of Alibaba Cloud’s Internet of Things business unit. “As the Alibaba LinkWAN platform The positioning product supplemented by the LoRaWAN protocol and an important part of the LoRaWAN protocol, based on the Semtech 2.4G LoRa chip, can continuously provide geographic positioning data with minimal infrastructure installation without the need for GPS, cellular mobile communications or other connections, simplifying those Deployment of personnel who do not have much Internet of Things experience.”

Alibaba Cloud’s new “Beagle” tracker uses a LoRaWAN-based connection to provide indoor or outdoor point-to-point positioning and tracking up to 2,000 meters without GPS. Thanks to the integration of Semtech’s SX1280 LoRa chipset, the tracker can realize diversified geolocation functions without relying on mobile communication base stations, cellular mobile communication networks, cloud services or Internet connections. The complete Beagle tracking solution provides advantages for a variety of applications, including personnel and asset management, anti-lost and anti-theft of small devices, and enhanced pet and child monitoring.

“By integrating Semtech’s proven LoRa device and the open LoRaWAN protocol, the Beagle tracker provides customers with a flexible and easy-to-use positioning and tracking solution,” said Marc Pegulu, vice president of the Internet of Things, Semtech Wireless and Sensing Products Business Unit. The tracker can be deployed in less than a minute and provides real-time reliable geolocation data, enabling customers to simplify the work of obtaining real-time asset location information. Enhanced coverage helps prevent asset loss and theft , Save money for customers.

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