Huirong Technology released the world’s first SD Express controller solution that supports the latest SD 8.0 specification

[Taipei and California, USA, March 31, 2021]Huirong Technology (NasdaqGS: SIMO), a global leader in the design and marketing of NAND flash memory master chips, today announced the launch of the latest flagship SM2708 SD Express controller solution. The solution supports the latest SD 8.0 specification and is backward compatible with the SD 7.1 specification. SM2708 SD Express controller solution adopts PCIe Gen3×2 interface and NVMe 1.3 specification, and supports the latest generation of 3D NAND, equipped with Huirong Technology’s unique NANDXtend®ECC technology, data path protection and programmable firmware, which can greatly improve 3D NAND Reliability and durability, perfect to provide ultra-high performance to meet the demanding application requirements of various industries for data storage performance.

“Many of the latest high-end cameras and smartphones already support 8K video recording, so a faster transfer rate is required.” Huirong Technology Marketing and R&D Senior Vice President Duan Xiting said: “The SM2708 main control chip of Huirong Technology supports SD 8.0 Specification, the specification increases the data throughput (Throughput) by more than three times, can easily realize 8K video, RAW photography, multi-channel IOT equipment, multi-processing car storage and other applications that require ultra-high data speed.”

“Today, memory cards are widely used in consumer Electronic devices. SD Express memory cards are compatible with the billions of SD host devices on the market, allowing consumers to truly seamlessly connect with SD Express memory cards.” Lexar Zhong Mengchen, deputy general manager of Sha, said: “The SM2708 main control chip of Huirong Technology has excellent read/write speed, and it will lead SD storage media into a new era of higher speed and large capacity.”

“With the continuous improvement of users’ requirements for high-definition image data storage, users need higher-performance, high-capacity mobile storage devices to meet their needs.” Chen Zhiwei, director of product marketing at ADATA, said: “SM2708 uses PCIe Gen3×2 interface , Will provide users with a new option for portable storage devices similar to mini solid state drives.”

The SM2708 design kit is available now, and its firmware has industry-leading performance, including:

▪ High-performance PCIe Gen3 x2 channel, NVMe1.3 specification

▪ Support dual channel/8CE

▪ Support the latest 3D NAND flash memory

▪ Support ONFI 4.1/3.0, Toggle 3.0/2.0, up to 1,200MT per second

▪ NANDXtend? ECC technology: high-performance LDPC error correction code (ECC) engine and RAID function

▪ Ultra-low power consumption less than 1.5mW

About Huirong:

Silicon Motion Technology Corp. (NasdaqGS: SIMO) is the world’s largest supplier of NAND flash memory master chips. We provide more SSD master chips than any other company in the world, suitable for servers, personal computers and others The client device is also the leader in the eMMC/UFS main control chip Merchant market, which is suitable for smart phones equipped with mobile embedded storage devices, the Internet of Things and other applications. We also provide customized high-performance ultra-large-scale data centers and special industrial and automotive SSD solutions. Customers include most NAND flash memory manufacturers, storage device module manufacturers and leading OEM manufacturers. For more information about Huirong, please visit

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