Huawei restarts the purchase of mobile phone parts, and wants to launch 4G mobile phones before the Spring Festival?

According to news on the 24th, according to “Freedom Finance”, Huawei notified component manufacturers in Taiwan last week that it will repurchase mobile phone components such as lenses and IC substrates from this month.

Huawei restarts the purchase of mobile phone parts, and wants to launch 4G mobile phones before the Spring Festival?

As we all know, because the “chip ban” in the United States requires suppliers to obtain a license before they can continue to cooperate with Huawei, after the end of the grace period, Huawei’s supply chain manufacturers have announced that they will stop supplying.

Earlier this month, Wall Street investment bank Keybanc analyst John Vinh pointed out that Qualcomm had obtained a license to export chips to Huawei, citing industry survey data. But shipments are limited to 4G chips. At that time, the industry believed that although the 5G chip problem was still unresolved, the news that Qualcomm was approved to sell 4G chips brought positive significance to the development of Huawei’s mobile phone business and bought time.

The supply link to the shipping notice speculates that Huawei may be preparing to restart 4G mobile phone production.

In fact, a report by the Financial Times in October already stated that the U.S. position is clear, that is: manufacturers ensure that the chips shipped will not be used for, or help Huawei’s 5G business, and the U.S. will allow more and more of chip companies supply components to Huawei.

Up to now, Qualcomm, Intel, TSMC, Samsung, Sony, and OmniVision have all obtained licenses to ship Huawei, and it is expected that the number of suppliers who have obtained supply qualifications will continue to increase.

It is understood that since the “chip ban” of the US Department of Commerce officially took effect, most of Huawei’s supply chain manufacturers have lowered their performance outlooks. Although there are still purchase orders from other customers, due to the large gap in Huawei’s orders and the strong stockpiling before the end of the “grace period”, the relevant supply chain manufacturers have experienced a “rapid decline” in their performance and revenue in October. It is expected that mobile phone supply chain manufacturers such as related lenses and IC substrates will benefit from placing orders, and revenue growth is expected.

However, as of press time, Huawei and the supply chain have not commented, and the news has yet to be further verified.


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