Howe Group Attends the Global Double Summit to Help the Electronics Industry Rethink Reconstruction and Upgrade

On November 5th, the “2020 Global High-Tech Leaders Forum-Global CEO Summit & Global Electronic Achievement Award (“Global Double Summit”)” organized by ASPENCORE, the world’s largest media group in the field of electronic technology, was held in Shenzhen. At this year’s Global CEO Summit, with the theme of “rethinking, restructuring, and re-elevating” the electronics industry under the new normal, dozens of global electronics industry CEOs were invited to the scene to discuss the development trend of emerging electronic technologies in the post-epidemic era. , Howe Group was also invited to attend this conference and brought wonderful sharing.

Howe Group Attends the Global Double Summit to Help the Electronics Industry Rethink Reconstruction and Upgrade

In recent years, emerging industries such as AI, Internet of Things, 5G and automotive electronics have continued to develop, and the world has accelerated from the traditional computing era to the artificial intelligence era. At the same time, with the gradual intensification of global technological competition and the outbreak and spread of epidemics worldwide, the electronic industry pattern and supply chain are also undergoing major changes. As an important content of this Global CEO Summit, practitioners in the electronics industry are based on the present and look to the future. They have collided ideas from multiple perspectives such as technology, strategy, thinking, and vision, and discussed and analyzed the design, production and manufacturing of the emerging electronics industry. Three levels of upgrading and development.

Howe Group Attends the Global Double Summit to Help the Electronics Industry Rethink Reconstruction and Upgrade

At the conference, Mr. Wu Xiaodong, Senior Vice President of Howe Group, delivered a speech with the theme of “Explore the World, Perceive Infinitely”, and showed the participants the practical application of image sensor technology in mobile phones, automobiles, security, medical and other fields. Shared the R&D status and technical advantages of Howe Group in the field of CMOS image sensors and related products, and at the same time deeply analyzed the current market status and future development trends and technical challenges.

In Wu Xiaodong’s view, “image sensors, as advanced perceptual terminals, accompany and improve our lives everywhere.” With the gradual popularization of concepts such as smart cities and smart homes, there is a growing need for analog and digital electronic imaging devices. Demand is also rising year by year. As image sensors and power management devices play an important role in this process, the relevant market will also usher in a new round of explosion.

Howe Group Attends the Global Double Summit to Help the Electronics Industry Rethink Reconstruction and Upgrade

In addition to the Global CEO Summit, ASPENCORE also held the World Electronics Achievement Awards (World Electronics Achievement Awards) award ceremony at the same time, aiming to recognize products and companies that have made outstanding contributions to the promotion of global electronics industry innovation. Two products of Howe Group-the power management WL2868 and the image sensor OV64B stood out among many nominated products and were successfully shortlisted, winning the “Outstanding Product Performance of the Year” and “Innovative Product of the Year” respectively Awards-Sensor of the Year” two honors.

Among them, WL2868, as an integrated 7-channel high-performance LDO, is a solution designed to provide power for multiple camera modules. The product has high integration, small size, low noise, high PSRR and other characteristics. It can provide clean and stable power for image sensors, and meet the high quality requirements of optical image sensors and the sensitivity to power noise. In addition, the flexible configurability of WL2868 facilitates user design and is well adapted to the current rapid iteration and development trend of smart phones.

Howe Group Attends the Global Double Summit to Help the Electronics Industry Rethink Reconstruction and Upgrade

The other award-winning product, OV64B, is the industry’s ultra-small 64-megapixel 1/2″ optical size sensor for ultra-thin smartphone cameras, with advanced still image capture and excellent 4K video recording, and electronic image stabilization ( EIS) function, and 8K video function at 30 frames per second (fps). Advanced features make it applicable to multi-lens configuration of main camera, wide-angle camera, ultra-wide-angle camera, and telephoto camera, supporting the pursuit of high-end mainstream smartphones The camera’s best resolution and thin design trend.

For Howe Group, this award not only shows the industry’s recognition of the good performance and market response of its two products, but also fully reflects Howe Group’s ability to always adhere to itself when facing the constantly updated electronic technology field. Breakthrough, creativity and agility to conform to market trends.

Based on in-depth market insights and continuous technological innovation, Howe Group has always maintained a leading position in the global image sensor market. At present, its digital imaging solutions have been widely used in consumer electronics and industrial applications, especially in security, medical, notebook computers, emerging applications and other market segments with outstanding performance. In the future, thanks to the rapid development of consumer electronics, semiconductors and automobiles, China’s position in the global electronics industry will become more and more important. As an innovative technology leader in imaging system solutions, Howe Group will also take advantage of this global CEO summit to share product results and vision with industry insiders, and provide more assistance to the development of my country’s electronics industry.

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