China Unicom releases new strategy Chairman Liu Liehong: will focus on five main businesses

Sina Technology News on the afternoon of December 6th, at today’s 2021 China Unicom Partner Conference, China Unicom Chairman Liu Liehong delivered a keynote speech entitled “Anchoring the Main Channel of the Digital Economy and Winning the New Future of the Digital World”, announcing China China Unicom’s new strategy.

The development of the digital economy is a strategic choice to grasp the new opportunities of the new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation. Liu Liehong stated that China Unicom has fully undertaken the new mission entrusted by the new era, and has clearly defined the company’s development position during the “14th Five-Year Plan” as a “digital information infrastructure operation service national team, a network power country, the main force in the construction of a digital Chinese smart society, and digital technology integration and innovation. Vanguard”.

Liu Liehong announced that, based on the new positioning, China Unicom’s strategy has been upgraded to the 12 words of “Strong foundation, integrity, innovation, integration and openness”. Networking is positive, expanding digitalization and intelligence, and playing a good “combination boxing”; focusing more on the integration of elements and market integration, and playing a good “team competition” with partners.

Under the new positioning and new strategy, China Unicom will fully exert its efforts on the main channel of the digital economy, taking “big connectivity, big computing, big data, big applications, and big security” as its main responsibility and main business to achieve a full range of development momentum, paths and methods. We will transform and upgrade the direction to better open up new development space and integrate into the new development pattern.

The first is to make deep and large connections to connect the digital world. China Unicom continues to cultivate 5G boutique networks, gigabit broadband boutique networks, government-enterprise boutique networks, and the Internet of Things, connecting thousands of households, buildings, gardens, enterprises, factories, and sceneries with high-quality networks to create digital jobs for customers New life experience, creating a solid digital base for high-quality economic and social development, realizing the upgrade from “basic connection” to “all things intelligent connection”.

The second is to do powerful calculations and integrate digital development. China Unicom strives to build a “Unicom Cloud” that integrates cloud and network, safe and reliable, exclusive customization, and multi-cloud collaboration, forming a multi-level computing power facility system with digital network collaboration, digital cloud collaboration, cloud-side collaboration, and green intelligence, supporting different dimensions, Comprehensive and diverse digital requirements at different levels, to promote a new layout of computing power network with advanced architecture, safe and reliable, and excellent service.

The third is to live up to big data and empower digital capabilities. China Unicom will further give full play to the advantages of communication big data, enhance the integration capabilities of big data, AI, and blockchain technology, improve the data product system, activate the value of data elements, accelerate business digitization and data business, and deepen the innovation of big data integration applications, and improve Industrial supply capacity and industry empowerment effects help economic and social development quality change, efficiency change, and power change.

The fourth is to optimize large applications and create digital value. As a master of information and communication technology and services, China Unicom will fully integrate internal and external resources, reshape the pattern of capabilities, focus on expanding industrial Internet integration and innovative applications, deepen the layout of key vertical industries, people’s livelihood, government affairs and other fields, and build value for customers. The digital customization service capabilities of the company help thousands of industries with digital transformation, intelligent upgrading, and integrated innovation.

Fifth, it is to make great safety and escort the digital future. China Unicom, as the chief operator of information and communication security and the only official communication service partner for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics, will fully implement the overall national security concept and build a secure and credible first line of defense in cyberspace. , Be a strong guardian of the new digital information infrastructure.

In the digital age, harmony and symbiosis exist. Liu Liehong pointed out that in the new era of interdependence and integration, the different tracks that were once “separated as mountains”, connected by numbers, will eventually merge into a broader, inclusive and vibrant digital world main channel. In order to accelerate the construction of a digital ecosystem of “multiple co-construction, mutual promotion, cross-industry integration, competition and coexistence”, Liu Liehong initiated an initiative on behalf of China Unicom to create a new ecosystem that runs through the innovation chain, industrial chain, and value chain, and cooperates with partners Together, we will build a “joint fleet” and ride the waves in the vast blue ocean of the digital economy.

In order to deepen cooperation in the innovation chain, China Unicom has released the “Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Plan” to provide technical support, network platforms, and commercial environments for various new products, new technologies and applications, and help industries to become self-reliant and self-reliant at a high level of technology;

In order to deepen cooperation in the industrial chain, China Unicom has joined hands with all parties in the industry in areas such as smart homes, 5G application sailing, terminal ecology, cybersecurity, and modern supply chains. Efficient cooperation in matching, procurement settlement, model innovation, etc.;

In order to deepen value chain cooperation, China Unicom will further strengthen coordination with industry partners and investors to enhance the allocation of factors and guarantee capabilities. At the meeting, China Unicom released the “Unicom Cloud” and “Unicom Smart Brain” to upgrade the application innovation cooperation channel and stimulate the vitality of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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