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By 2024, the total global shipments of Bluetooth devices will reach 6.2 billion, and the fastest growing application is

On April 15, 2020, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (Bluetooth Special Interest Group, referred to as SIG) today released the “Bluetooth Market Update 2020”. As Bluetooth technology is continuously expanding from personal communication solutions to interconnection engines for commercial and industrial applications, this report will reveal the main trends and forecasts of Bluetooth technology and… continue reading

Five Design Challenges for Capacitive Backlight Design in Automotive Applications

“With the increasing use of mobile devices in automobiles, it is expected that the driving experience of the car will be as convenient as using a mobile device, which has promoted a large increase in the backlight application of capacitive switches. Automotive OEMs are finding that adding backlighting to tactile switches, dials, and buttons can… continue reading

Top 10 cybersecurity tools worthy of continued attention in 2021

   Nowadays, as new technologies such as big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and machine learning gradually appear in our daily lives, as a large number of companies have successfully completed and realized digital transformation, various cyber threats and crimes are also emerging. Increase exponentially. According to Statista’s statistics (as shown in the figure… continue reading

Huawei restarts the purchase of mobile phone parts, and wants to launch 4G mobile phones before the Spring Festival?

According to news on the 24th, according to “Freedom Finance”, Huawei notified component manufacturers in Taiwan last week that it will repurchase mobile phone components such as lenses and IC substrates from this month. As we all know, because the “chip ban” in the United States requires suppliers to obtain a license before they can… continue reading

Solutions for reactive power compensation and voltage regulation of power systems

“In the power system, the power quality is an important index to evaluate the performance of the power system, and the voltage is an important index to measure the power quality. Therefore, the stability of the voltage is particularly important for the performance of the power system. “ 1.introduction In the power system, the power… continue reading

“Till” millimeter-wave radar power supply, “decrypt” high-performance power supply code

[Guide]Speaking of the hottest topic in the automotive field, it must be autonomous driving. At this stage, most of the commercial-level automatic driving are still at the L2/L3 level. If you want to achieve a higher level of automatic driving, you still lack a pair of bright “eyes.” In recent years, automotive radar technology is… continue reading

Wafer production increased by 25%, still unable to meet market demand in the fourth quarter

Intel CEO Bob Swan (Bob Swan) told analysts and investors on Thursday’s company conference call that compared to 2018, its 14nm monthly wafer startup (WSPM) increased by 25% in 2019. In the first three quarters of this year, the company spent US$11.5 billion in capital expenditures to purchase new production equipment, and now expects its… continue reading

Shandong Unicom completes full 5G network coverage of Lunan high-speed rail

People’s Daily Online, Jinan, December 26. On December 26, the entire Lunan (Jilan) high-speed rail line was put into operation, achieving full 5G coverage simultaneously. This is the third national line after Jingzhang and Jingxiong (the first in Shandong Province). ) The inter-provincial high-speed rail line that achieves full coverage of the 5G network has… continue reading

The British Prime Minister called on more people to work from home, causing many mobile networks to be paralyzed

Netease Technology News, March 18, according to foreign media reports, after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called on people to work from home to help prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, all people including O2, EE, Vodafone and Three The large mobile networks in the UK are all paralyzed. Many users complained on social… continue reading

The structure of the piezoresistive sensor and the product recommendationThe structure of the piezoresistive sensor

“This sensor adopts an integrated process to integrate the resistance bar on the monocrystalline silicon diaphragm to make a silicon piezoresistive chip, and the periphery of the chip is fixed and packaged in the shell, and the electrode leads are drawn out. Piezoresistive pressure sensors are also called solid-state pressure sensors. They are different from… continue reading